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Policies - Shedenara Siberians
  • All pet/companion puppies must be spayed/neutered. We will not sell to someone who "wants to try breeding a litter". We also will not EVER sell a puppy to anyone whom we believe to be associated  with  any  backyard breeder, puppy mill, broker, or anyone we fill portrays any of the characteristics of the aforementioned groups.
  • ·       The purchaser must be educated about the breed. Please do your research, Siberians are not for everyone. This is not a dog… this is a Siberian. If you don’t understand that, then this breed is not for you.·     
  •   Siberians are runners and must be fenced or leashed at all times for their safety.·     
  •   We hope that all of our puppy placements are permanent, but in the unfortunate event that the new owners are unable to keep it, we require that the dog/puppy be returned to us at the owner's expense, or that we assist in finding a suitable home. Any Shedenara dog/puppy cannot be re-sold or surrendered to an animal shelter or rescue.·     
  •   Puppies are generally picked up around 8-9 weeks of age. The earliest, by law, that they can leave is 7 weeks. However, we may hold them until 10-12 weeks if we are evaluating show quality or if there is a possible health concern.·       
  • Puppies are vaccinated, and de-wormed before they are placed with their new families. This means that they have been treated at Shedenara for parasites. However, that does not mean they are worm-free for life. Regular parasite control MUST be done through-out the dog’s life. They come with a written health and our guarantee. We firmly stand behind the health and temperament of our dogs. We offer a comprehensive 3 year health replacement guarantee as detailed in our sales contract covering any life-threatening genetic defect. Show dogs have a different length of guarantee and the contract includes other clauses for show quality and breeding.·      
  •  We do not sell to everyone who inquires. A puppy is a big commitment for the purchaser and us. We spend a lot of time, energy, and money in every attempt to produce beautiful, healthy, and well-bred puppies. We are very selective on the homes into which they are placed.·       
  • An email or telephone call would be wonderful when inquiring about puppies. We do have a puppy application that is a very good place to start and we do require it to be filled out.·   
  •     In order to hold a place in the order of puppy picks, a non-refundable deposit is required. For our litters the deposit is $250.00. It is applied towards the purchase price. We send out puppy pictures via private blog, generally on a weekly basis. Final evaluations for show potential around 8 weeks of age, but may require additional time in some cases. Some puppies will remain here, and others may go to show homes. Once those placements are determined, the puppies that weren't selected for show homes will be made available to the homes seeking pets.  Final placements are at our discretion. We try to accommodate coat color preferences as much as possible; however, if you are offered puppies that do not suit what you are looking for, you are not required to take one at that time. You are welcome to wait for a future litter that may contain your preference. If you choose to wait your deposit would move to the next litter, but will not be refunded.·   
  •     Please understand that we cannot guarantee any coat or eye color. Siberians come in a rainbow of colors and eye colors do change.·       We will possibly  ship puppies. We use Continental Airlines and ship from LAX. Continental has taken great care of puppies that we have flown and are very pleased with them. Shipping charges are usually about $450 (is subject to change). This includes the airfare, the crate and health certificate and vet check.·   
  •     Our puppies are priced at $1000.00. We require our puppies to be spayed or neutered. Full registration will only be considered to qualified show homes.·   
  •     We do accept personal checks for the initial deposit only, but we prefer a postal money order. Only cash or postal money order will be accepted at the time of pick up. If the puppy is being shipped the balance of the puppy must be paid 7 days prior to shipping to prepare and arrange the shipping, crate purchase and health certificate.